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Lutherans United,
Assisting After Disasters


St. Martin's Response to Disaster through LUAD

Following a disaster we at St. Martin’s join with fellow congregations from the ELCA South-Central Synod of Wisconsin to help where we can. Relief efforts to disasters anywhere in our synod are coordinated by LUAD (Lutherans United Assisting After Disasters) through the efforts of local ELCA congregations.

LUAD is a response structure for our synod that is unique in Wisconsin, and is charged with the organizational efforts to help victims of a disaster. LUAD is a volunteer organization, and is a faith based imitative. LUAD aims to offer services not provided by others. LUAD springs into action shortly after a disaster, following the first response by police, fire and rescue. After the first response and long before recovery begins, survivors are often in need with nowhere to turn. When a local congregation learns of survivors in need they first offer any help they can. When the disaster is greater than a single church can manage, the local church can contact LUAD to request help in the relief efforts.  

Members of the LUAD Council then work with the local congregation to find out about specific needs and how as a united group we can best help. LUAD relies on trained members from the cooperating ELCA South-Central Synod churches to provide for that help. LUAD works with the service agencies of municipal, county, state and federal, as well as other relief agencies such as the Red Cross.

Services offered through LUAD will vary according to need. They could range from clean up help and initial repairs, to help with replacement of clothing, furniture, household items, rides to doctor’s offices, pet rescue, or emotional and spiritual support. Help is given to the affected people through the local church coordinated through LUAD, and with the help of trained LUAD volunteers.   

We are part of a larger Christian community, and are called to help, as we are able, to collectively make a difference. We saw this most recently in response to the devastating floods (late summer, 2018) in the Cross Plains area. LUAD member churches including St. Martin’s were mobilized and were there to assist the survivors of the flood disaster. The help and donatuions from St. Martin’s were received with great appreciation, work on-going for a number of weeks.

By the grace of God, our St. Martin’s Congregation and LUAD has responded to the call for continuing disaster relief aid. God has blessed us with the ability to offer up clothing and household goods to assist the victims of the floods. In Christ’s name we serve. It is a blessing that we are able to share with those truly in need.

Bob Nelson   
St. Martin's LUAD Coordinator

Volunteers or Questions contact Bob Nelson at email

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