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Cross Plains, WI  53528
How do I...
How do I...
    ...make prayer requests?
  • We Are Here To Pray For You!

    Every request sent to us receives loving, compassionate attention. Please know that we are here for you and that you are never alone. Your request is kept sacred and confidential, unless you give us your permission to share it with our congregation in our Sunday Worship Bulletin.

    Please submit your prayer request via email below.

    Prayers email

    ...join the Church?
  • Where all are welcome to worship, learn, and serve in the name of Jesus Christ.

    • Dedication to mission activities in the community and beyond

    • Activities for all age levels

    • Variety of worship styles

    • Emphasis on a strong youth program

    • Adult education

    If you are interested in joining our church please contact the church office manager:

    St. Martin's Office Manager
    or call (608) 798-2777 ext. 541

    ...plan a wedding?
  • Weddings

    If you would like to have your wedding at St. Martin's please call our office (608-798-2777) or email ( so we can check on space availability, discuss options, etc.

    ...schedule a baptism?
  • Baptism

    We welcome everyone into the fellowship of St. Martin's Lutheran church. We welcome and baptize people of all ages. We celebrate baptism during our Sunday Worship, unless there are extenuating circumstances that would prevent it.

    Some short answers to important questions:

    Why must Christians be baptized?  

    •  Jesus commanded his followers to be baptized for forgiveness of sins and eternal life.


    When should baptism a person be baptized?

    • Shortly after birth, or at any age, but as soon as practicable.


    Do I have to be a member of a Lutheran church?  

    • Baptism makes you a member of the Christian Church.


    When and where is baptism done?

    • Usually in a regular church worship service.


    Can I be baptized privately?

    • Rarely, in extraordinary circumstances.


    Is there a cost?

    • Yes, it costs you your whole life!


    I was baptized, but not Lutheran. Should I be “re-baptized?”

    • No, only one Christian baptism is necessary.


    Should I have Godparents or Sponsors?

    • Not required, but strongly encouraged.


    Are there any other requirements?

    • No, but it is customary to meet with the Pastor beforehand.

    Baptism is one of two Sacraments in the Lutheran Church.  The other is “Holy Communion,” also known as “The Lord’s Supper” or the “Eucharist” (Greek for “Thanksgiving”.) Sacraments are commands or promises from Jesus in the Holy Scripture. These commands are connected to an earthly element through which God is conveyed to, or present in us. In Baptism God gives us the Holy Spirit in the water and God’s Word. The New Testament Book of Acts, for example, tells us “… you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit.” (Acts 1:5)

    Baptism is a simple act available to anyone, and required by God to assure that your confessed sins are forgiven and that you will have eternal life in heaven. There are nearly 100 references to baptism in the New Testament!  Rev. Dr. Martin Luther, the 16th Century German pastor who is credited with the formation of the Protestant Christian Church, wrote a booklet in 1529 called “The Small Catechism,” to be used in the home and in congregations to teach (“catechize,” in Greek) the Christian faith to children.

    This is an excerpt from “The Small Catechism” in modern English on the Sacrament of Baptism:


    What do I do next?  

    Please complete the Baptism Form and return it to the church office. Please also contact our Office Manager or Pastor to explore dates and set up a time to meet.

    Baptismal Info Form (for baptism of child)
    Adult Baptismal Form

    Office Manager email
    608.798.2777 ext. 541


    ...plan a funeral?
  • Funerals

    Funerals are important “rites of passage” that help us say farewell to our loved one and bring some closure to our relationship with them. Many families have found that the funeral service was an important time for telling stories and hearing how much their departed loved one meant to others.

    Your first call will likely be to a funeral home of your choice. They will begin the process of preparing the body according to your wishes, scheduling the funeral, and arranging for burial.

    You may contact the church at any time to let us know of your loved one’s death. The funeral home will also contact the church and consult with the Pastor as you set the date and time of the service.

    We can help you plan all aspects of the service, including scripture, music, prayers, eulogy, and anything else you would like to include. You are also welcome to utilize our Fellowship Hall on the lower level of our church for a gathering/luncheon after the service.

    Please contact us for more information or to plan a funeral.

    Office Manager email
    608-798-2777 ext. 541

    ...view newsletters?
  • Weekly Bread

    St. Martin's Weekly Electronic Newsletter

    To view the most recent copy of 'The Weekly Bread' electronic newsletter, click the link below. For older Newsletters, select 'Past Newsletters' under our Community Board menu (left side of screen) or click this link View Past Newsletters and select the year and category (Weekly Bread) for what you would like to see / read.

    If you would like to be added to our Weekly Bread email audience, please contact the office manager  at email

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