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2427 Church St
Cross Plains, WI  53528
Centering Prayer

Centering Prayer


We meet the second Tuesday and last Wednesday of each month in our Sanctuary.

Centering Prayer is deep listening prayer, the laying aside of thoughts. It is the opening of our mind, heart, body and feelings to God. It is beyond words, thoughts and emotions.  Centering prayer is like resting with God.  It is learning to surrender your all your worries, pain, sin, anger, and resentment to God. It is defiantly a learning process. You will get better and better each time you listen. Try hard not to analyze your experience or have any expectations of how it is suppose to be. Everyone will have a different experience. God is speaking to you.  Each time you listen it will be different because God will have different things to say to you, depending on what is going on in your life.

Come to be renewed and to find a deeper relationship with God. The chairs form a circle with a candle in the middle. For about 20 minutes you get to experience real silence and the presence of God. Afterwards we share our experiences and you leave refreshed and invigorated.

Questions: contact Ann Boehnen